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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Safe & Responsible Ordering

How Does The Order Process Work?
  • We will provide customers with a searchable list of vendors that are available at the time they wish to order. The vendors information will be displayed on the platform in the search grid and on the map. The customer will need to click on the vendor’s profile, to navigate the vendor’s menu and select their meal. The vendor is then notified immediately after checkout. You will be billed once the vendor accepts the order.
  • When the customer’s order is accepted, they will receive real-time notifications as their order is being completed. If the customer selects the option to pick-up their order, the vendor’s location will be provided in addition to the order details.
  • If the customer selects the option to have their food delivered, a driver will be notified to handle the delivery. The customer will be able to track the delivery in real time as the driver is in route to them. In addition, the customer will also be able to access the driver’s profile for additional security.
How Will I Know My Food Has Been Dropped Off?
  • You will get a notification stating it has been delivered.
What If I Have An Issue With My Order?
  • At Dished, we are committed to providing our customers with an all-around positive ordering and dining experience. If you have any issues about your meal, or have received the incorrect order, you can easily contact the vendor for a refund or another meal at no additional cost. If neither of the two are provided, please email us at to submit a case for investigation. Your case must be specific with the vendor’s name, order number and pictures if possible.
Need To Report A Food Safety Issue?
  • At Dished, we take food safety very seriously. If you experience a food safety issue with your order, email us at to create a case. Your case must be specific with the vendor’s name, order number and pictures if possible.
  • If we receive multiple food safety or hygiene complaints, three or more unrelated complaints, in a calendar year, we will undergo a deep investigation and may remove that vendor off the platform.

Billing, Payments & Refunds

Will I Get Charged If I Place An Order And The Vendor Does Not Accept It?
  • No, you will only be charged once a vendor accepts your order.
What Is The Cancellation Policy?
  • Once you place an order that has not been accepted by a vendor, you can easily cancel your order for a refund equivalent to the food cost only. Unfortunately, If a vendor accepts your order and you cancel during food processing, you will not be refunded.

General Information

What Is Dished Verified?
  • The Dished verification icon signifies that a vendor has gone through our multi-step vetting process which requires the following: proof of food safety training, a food service permit, and/or the equivalent thereof from their local jurisdiction.
Who Are Dished Customers?
  • Our Dished customers desire and crave authentic cultural meals that can not be found in local restaurants.
Who Are Dished Vendors?
  • Dished vendors are culinary creators who create rare and exciting meal creations and menus. Our vendors range from caterers and private chefs, to bakers and food truckers.
Why Can’t I Find Any Vendors On The App?
  • Vendor’s have the option to toggle their profile to either be live or offline. If a vendor’s profile is live then consumers can see the vendor on the map and order from that vendor. If a vendor’s profile is offline then their profile is hidden from the map and the search bar.
  • If you do not see a vendor in your local area, it could be vendor’s are offline or not available in your area.
I Know A Chef, How Do I Get Them On Dished?
  • I Know A Chef, How Do I Get Them On Dished?

For Vendor

How Does Dished Make Money?
  • We take a 7% commission per transaction as a service fee that is paid by the customer.
Do I Pay For Shipping?
    No, shipping is paid by customers.
How Do I Get Verified?
  • Send a request to and a team member will work with you on the next steps needed to get verified.
How Do I Get Featured On The Spotlight?
  • Send an email to with appealing footage of your food creations as well as a description of your professional background and our marketing team will get in contact with you to get you featured.
I Have An Established Customer Base. How Do I Migrate Them To Dished?
  • Easy! Once your profile is live, simply inform your customers to download the Dished App from the iOS App Store. Once downloaded, have your customer search for your profile name and add it to their favorites.